Blenheim Grove kitchen raw

Get inspired for your custom build

We’re getting closer and closer to the shell homes at Blenheim Grove being completed, and we’ve had some great response from the people that we’ve taken around the site!
But sometimes seeing a shell home that’s a completely blank space is too empty, and it helps to see some ideas of what could be done to the space to help visualise the possibilities.

Poulsom MIddlehurst

Meet the architects: Blenheim Grove

At Unboxed Homes, we’re passionate about custom build because it gives home owners the opportunity to design and fit out their home to suit their needs instead of having to settle for a home that someone else has designed and chosen for them.

We’re also proud to work with some great architects in designing our shell homes, so that the structure of the home will be just as beautiful and functional and you can make the inside.

Blenheim Grove Gus on site

Right to Build Day

We may or may not know (at time of writing) whether Brexit is going ahead on 31st October, but we do know, without doubt, that a very important milestone in our country’s housing (and self-build housing) future is being reached the day before. Right to Build Day is on 30th October, 2019.

If you don’t know what Right to Build Day is, then here’s everything you need to know.