Blenheim Grove House 60 shell

Get inspired for your custom build

We’re getting closer and closer to the shell homes at Blenheim Grove being completed, and we’ve had some great response from the people that we’ve taken around the site!
But sometimes seeing a shell home that’s a completely blank space is too empty, and it helps to see some ideas of what could be done to the space to help visualise the possibilities.

Poulsom MIddlehurst

Meet the architects: Blenheim Grove

At Unboxed Homes, we’re passionate about custom build because it gives home owners the opportunity to design and fit out their home to suit their needs instead of having to settle for a home that someone else has designed and chosen for them.

We’re also proud to work with some great architects in designing our shell homes, so that the structure of the home will be just as beautiful and functional and you can make the inside.

Blenheim Grove video series

Blenheim Grove video series

We started on site at our inaugural custom build development, Blenheim Grove, in March of 2018. Our MD Gus has made little video diaries throughout the process, and we’re continually updating as the build moves along (at an increasingly rapid pace!)

Zog House crane

Self-build vs custom build

We’ve all seen Grand Designs and the ups and downs that come with building a house from scratch. And you might have heard the terms self-build and custom build in the press and from associations like NaSCBA. But practically, what’s the difference between the two?

Rejected permission

What housing crisis?

Our MD Gus noticed this twitter thread a couple of weeks ago which brought up interesting conversations around planning and our collective need to deliver housing.

Co-housing in North America

The short film we’re featuring in this article focuses on co-housing communities or villages in North America, which could give us interesting ideas on how to deliver more affordable housing here in the UK.

Blenheim Grove graffiti paint cans

Home is where the heART is

Our custom build homes at Blenheim Grove are coming out of the ground, and what better way to engage with the community that these homes will be a part of than collaborating with local artists?