What is custom build?

What is custom build?

Custom build is self-build made simple

According to an IPSI-Mori survey, 53% of people dream of
building their own home, but only 0.025% actually do.

Self-build is really hard.

Custom build makes it easier, quicker, and with less risk.

At Unboxed Homes, we deliver custom build in 2 basic routes, with details that vary depending on the project.

  1. DIY
    We build the shell home for you, with a weathertight structure that is a blank canvas on the inside. You buy the shell and fit out the inside by designing and finishing the fit out yourself, or with your contractors.

    This route is suitable for those who really want to get involved and have the time to manage a building project.

  2. A la carte
    We build the shell home for you and finish the fit out as well, with customisable options. With this route, you will have fewer options than if you went the DIY route.

    This route is suitable for those that don’t have the time to manage a self-build, or would prefer to have it all done for them.

Sounds great, where can I buy?

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OK, but I have more questions

Find a plot for your custom build project

You can also save money on your new home by buying at golden brick.

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How do you build a house from beginning to end?

Check out our video series of the
construction progress on our Blenheim Grove site.