What is a shell home?

What is a shell home?

Blenheim Grove shell bedroom raw
A shell at Blenheim Grove, Peckham SE1

A shell home is a great middle ground between building a whole house yourself from start to finish, and buying an already finished house that may not be designed for how you need and want to live. We specialise in custom build and deliver homes that are blank canvases that are ready for you to fit out. But what exactly is included?


Details will vary depending on the project and development, but the following is a general guide as to what you can expect.


A shell is defined as a secure, watertight and insulated structure finished externally not internally. It will generally require the purchaser to do non-structural work on the inside of the house to make the home habitable.


It will include landscaping which faces the street at ground and lower ground.


It will not include:

  • Wall, ceiling or finishes to floors or stairs
  • Plasterboard
  • Skirtings, window boards and other trims
  • Permanent balustrading
  • Mechanical, Plumbing, Gas, Ventilation or Electrical Services installations except for a single soil stack, rigid MVHR ducts which pass through steel joists and conduits through the waterproofing layer.
  • Bathrooms or kitchens
  • Non-structural internal partitions
  • Fire curtains or sprinklers or alarms
  • Internal doors and ironmongery
  • External landscaping which doesn’t face the street on the ground or lower ground level
  • Floor finishes to roof terraces
  • Incoming telephone, cable or broadband supplies.
  • Permanent incoming supplies for electrical, gas and water utility services.


Damp proof course

Structure frame

Temporary balustrading

Windows installed

Roof on


Street-facing landscaping

You will also see custom build homes offered as a raw shell (or bare shell) or a warm shell. Our MD Gus has done a video on site to illustrate the difference.

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