Gus & Roger Zogolovitch Featured in Self Build & Design

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Our MD Gus and his father Roger Zogolovitch from Solidspace were featured in the February 2020 issue of SelfBuild & Design magazine where they were featured as Leading Lights of new-build and custom-build developers.


Having worked together for years at Solidspace, Gus and Roger are now both involved with the Developer Collective as founder and patron respectively, helping professionals with the resources and contacts needed to deliver their projects.

Gus gives some top tips for self-builders:

“Custom build offers another approach where all the initial work is done. It’s really worth considering, because finding an affordable plot can be so difficult.”

And Roger talks about his long career as an architect and developer:

“The high points are always starting and finishing a project. It’s a creative journey, which takes time, but the results will stand for many years.”

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