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Can’t find your perfect home?


If you have been looking for a property but just can’t quite find the right one, then perhaps self-build or custom build is the answer.


It may be that the properties you see are not environmentally friendly, or they’re not designed in the way you’d like them to be.


It may be that you’d like to live within a like-minded community or you’d like to share some facilities between households.


Whatever the reason, it’s not a solution that the traditional property developer is going to provide with their one size fits all approach.

Why do we specialise in custom build?


I’ve been on a mission for the past 20 years to reduce the cost and increase the quality of housing. I still live in the home I built for myself 10 years ago and I still love it. It’s lasted well and works brilliantly as a family home (and I can still say that after lockdown!).


However, it was really hard finding and buying the land and it was even harder getting planning and then building it. Nevertheless, it was an amazing journey with a great destination and so ever since, I’ve been trying to help others have their say in the design, layout and specification of their own homes. Whether that’s by buying one of our shells or by buying a plot of land

Why should you join our custom build register?


My new idea is to use your collective buying power and my experience of delivery to build bespoke high quality housing and create a win-win situation. 


If I can bring several of you together to buy a larger plot and split it into several smaller parcels then everyone could benefit. You get the chance to build a home that suits you within your budget and I get to build more homes that people want.


We often see plots of land for sale which we can’t buy ourselves, but might make a great development for a few of you.  Some developments will already have planning permission, and some will not.

Could custom build be right for you?


This idea is not going to be for everyone. I liken building your own home and the development process to travelling. You know your broad destination, but you have no idea what adventures you will have on the way.


So, if you think of yourself as adventurous and you’re not satisfied with the housing you see around you, then sign up for our custom build register which is designed for people like you who are dissatisfied with the current housing offer. Keep an eye out for our exclusive emails and we’ll try and help you build a home that you will love for the rest of your life.




Gus Zogolovitch

Founder, Unboxed Homes

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