Home is where the heART is – Street art


“Home is where the heART is”

New pop-up street art exhibition launches on a hoarding in Peckham


For a limited time only, catch some great new street art which has been specially designed to celebrate the theme of home. The street art was created by five local Peckham artists and commissioned by independent custom build developer, Unboxed Homes.


Tizer, internationally acclaimed and renowned for decorating punk’s Malcolm McLaren’s coffin, is one of the artists to contribute to a new exhibition on the hoarding of a custom build development on Blenheim Grove in Peckham. The artists range from Matt Collier’s murals which are large scale intimate sketch books, through to the hip hop influence of Tizer’s piece – all artists are depicting their take on ‘home’.


Soul’D’s biggest influence for her installation was the environment and the impact we are having on our Home Planet, while Agent Provocateur depicted the classic flying ducks, one of which is heading off in its own direction (Pictured above).


“The hoarding had already become well known as a place for street artists to create amazing bits of art. Most developers would have painted over it or put pictures of smug smiling couples drinking glasses of wine but we are doing things differently and wanted to celebrate the creativity of what had been done. So, we invited five brilliant local street artists to express what home means to them – as that connects with our mission as a custom build developer to create homes that are a blank canvas that can be designed and fitted out by the people who live in them.” Says Gus Zogolovitch CEO of Unboxed Homes.


The final artist to install his work is that of Luap which will feature his signature pink bear, which has appeared in exhibitions around the world, relaxing in a hammock.


The street art exhibition is free and open 24/7 but will only be up for a limited time.

You can also take part in general tours of the street art in Peckham with UK brewery Tours.



About The Artists:



Tizer has been doing graffiti since 1988, and has been one of the most prolific artists on the graffiti/street art scene. He currently paints murals and exhibits his art across the world, he is probably most famous for painting Punk icon Malcolm McLaren’s coffin. He has been an ambassador for the UK scene for many years, looking after traveling artists and stopping crew wars within his city. He is most well known his unique illustrative style of characters and original letter styles. His work is full of fun, energy and movement and heavily influenced by hip hop culture.


– – – –

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur (AP) is a stencil artist based in South London. ‘Flock This’ is one radical duck’s mission not to follow the norm and strike out on his own.


– – – –

Matt Collier

From paper to the wall. Matt Collier developed his wall murals travelling in South America. Progressively the murals reflected the extensive workings of drawings and the sketchbooks in a tactic towards exposing the often hidden methods and thoughts – the errors, mistakes, changes of mind (as when learning a new language) – behind the making of an artwork. Attempts at finding the connections between subject matter and meaning.


– – – –


Soul’D started using stencils back in 2000, selling pieces at festivals and street markets, which led to exhibiting alongside some of the biggest and most respected names in the contemporary urban/street art scene. Artists such as Pure Evil, Eelus, Rugman, Bonbon, Dave the Chimp and Rourke Van Dal and many others have all rubbed prints with Soul’D. Over time Soul’D has become more conscious of our planet, and how it has been treated. Her passion for living in a clean, healthy world is now reflected in her art. Soul’D credits Peckham’s palpable creative buzz as fuel for her art and hopes that the diverse and passionate community will get behind her latest project. The Rainbow Warrior project is a series of nine portraits, created to raise awareness of these issues and to explain how different choices can create positive impacts on our HOME planet.

Helping Art Lovers Save the World

Blenheim Grove Soul D graffiti art
Blenheim Grove Soul D graffiti art

– – – –

Luap | Paul Robinson

Luap is the creator of the iconic come-to-life pink bear found throughout the Soho restaurant, Scarlett Green. Placed in the real world, the bear acts as a metaphor for discovery and exploration. The costumed figure, a striking motif in Luap’s work, exists between reality and make-believe, youthful innocence and corruption, leading a lifestyle that looks simultaneously enviable yet questionable. The bear, found enjoying life on iconic Bondi Beach harks to his Aussie roots, bringing some Sydney sun to Peckham.

Exhibitions Over the last decade, his work has been exhibited and sold in London, New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and Dubai. Andipa Gallery, Well Hung Gallery, Holiday House, Space in London; HKC Contemporary Art Fair 13, Hong Kong; Barcelona Showcase, Spain. luapstudios.co.uk


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