Blenheim Grove video 7 – Timber frames

Our Blenheim Grove custom build homes are built with timber frames, and they are starting to go in on site. The frames were supplied by White Haus Timber Frames, and you can also see some steel frames as well as the lintels and damp proof course that we’re using in the houses. 

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

So we’re back at Blenheim Grove, and really exciting, if you look over my shoulder, you can see that is a house starting to form. So if you compare that, I’ll twizzle around slowly so you don’t get seasick, looking over my shoulder there, you can see that that’s what it was.
And this is really starting to move up.
So the timber panels are going up, the frame’s in position, I’ll start showing you some footage of that in just a second.
Steel frame, which is that grey thing, and these are the timber panels. Not quite sure why it’s yellow, I think that’s probably because it’s treated and therefore to make sure it doesn’t rot, or if water gets in it doesn’t sink into the wood. It’s covered with a kind of film, a kind of membrane and that’s to keep out the water and keep in some of the heat.
Inside the panels there that’s going to be covered in insulation. What you’re looking at there is House 60, you can see the big window in the entrance and then that’s going to come into the space. And then people are going to walk down around there where that small little panel is is the stair. And then they’re going to come into what I think should be the kitchen. And then you can go out through that there.
And then if we go over here, you can see this is the light well, and the outside, the front outside space. So where that old bit of wooden stair is that’s where you’ll come in.
So this black thing here, this is a bit of what’s called DPC, damp proof course, this is what the timber frame sits on.
You can see down there some lintels, and inside you’ve got some steel frames. You can start to see housing just beginning to take shape. That’s the sort of first floor going up, first storey. So the kitchen or the living room, probably the living rooms of no. 56 in the far corner, then no. 58, and no. 60 right here.
So no. 62 and 64 are behind but we’re focusing on these three to start with. All very exciting.
This is, you’ve got some red engineering brick and black engineering brick, the normal bricks will go above that, this is really just to give the building a bit of protective layer. Because engineering bricks are very dense and so they don’t pick up the water, that gives you more opportunity for limiting any staining etc.
Here you can see a close up of this sort of membrane, it’s quite thin, that should protect everything.
What you call posi joists, so you put the services through there, nice and simple. They sit between there, they should go. Probably one going up there.
So now we’re in the house of 56, I’m standing above the kitchen. The stairs will be coming in around here, and it’s all beginning to come together.

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