7 top ways to future proof your home

Zog House exterior

If you’d like to self-build or custom build your forever home, then it’s a good idea to think about how to future proof your home, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your home for years to come.


Whether you’re young and planning on having children in a few year’s time, or nearing retiring age and thinking about possible future mobility issues, thinking ahead means that you will be able to stay in your forever home.


Our MD Gus Zogolovitch’s self-build Zog House was featured in the Telegraph as an example of a home where downsizing was kept in mind, right from the design at the beginning of the build.


Here are the top 7 tips from the article for future proofing your home:

1. Adapt what you have

Consider converting your current home rather than buying a new one. Having a flexible downstairs room can be a good way to future proof, when a reception room can become a bedroom if needed.


2. Design for later life

Aside from room use, even small details like how low sockets are or how high shelves are should be a consideration for the future. Equally, step free access to important rooms like bathrooms should be kept in consideration.


3. Include sufficient natural light

As we age, we need more light to see and we also tend to spend more time in our homes, so make sure that there are enough lighting fixtures installed, as well as more and bigger windows that aren’t blocked externally by vegetation. If direct sunlight is hard to come by, installations like sun tubes or sun tunnels can also make a drastic difference.


4. Update your decor

Consider using patterns and colours that will make lines and features clearer so the eye has an easier time to make out details as you age. Using classic design features also ensures that your decor design won’t look as dated as if you go with the current trends.


5. Embrace technology

There are many smart home technology solutions nowadays that can seamlessly help you live comfortably in your home, from smart doorbells to thermostats with apps that connect directly to your devices. These innovations will only increase as technology improves, so starting to adopt them now can make your life easier and more comfortable.


6. Rethink the garden

Think about the levels and ways you could raise flower beds, as well as different plants that will be easier to maintain in the future. There are also many hanging planting options that will save your back, suitable for everything from strawberries to tomatoes.


7. Consider the planet

I’m sure we’ve all heard about solar panels by now, as well as heat recovery systems and heat pumps. Insulating your home properly and installing a car charging point are all things that can keep your house cosy and warm into the future.


If you’d like to build your own custom build home that will take you into the future, join our custom build register where we send out plots that our MD Gus has vetted as a good opportunity. Read more here.


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