Self-build or custom build – what’s best for you?

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Here at Unboxed Homes, we specialise in custom-build homes, but that route might not be for everyone. Whether you’d prefer self-build because you are really keen to be involved in every single part of building your house, or custom build works better because you want the peace of mind of buying an insulated shell, the choice between self-build and custom build can be very personal.
Gus spoke to SelfBuild & Design magazine for their March 2020 issue about the pros and cons of each route, and gives some good practical tips of how to go about building your own house.If you’re looking for a plot of land:

“Serviced plots are a good option for people looking to build their own home from scratch but can’t find the land and don’t want the pain or risk of getting planning permission.”

If you’re wondering what factors will go into helping you decide whether self-build or custom build is the way to go:

“Time-poor buyers are probably best advised to consider a shell or a turnkey as these will be the quickest to complete. For those who don’t have a tight deadline, but don’t have much time day-to-day, hiring a builder or an independent project manager to deliver a self or custom build on a serviced plot is a good option, but this will cost more. ”


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self-build, custom build, serviced plots, shells, and turnkey

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