Blenheim Grove video 9 – Inside the houses

It’s a first at our custom build development on Blenheim Grove in Peckham as we are allowed to go inside the houses for the first time! We also get to see some of the drainage coming through, and where the bedroom, study, and living room might be… but of course, since it’s custom build, you can put them anywhere you like!

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

So here we are, a very very exciting day because for the first time we’re going to be able to walk around one of the houses at Blenheim Grove.

OK, so we’ll be entering, door around here, this bit of space will be the window. This will be built up here, so that you walk onto a level floor. This white stuff is where the vapour control layer is to keep everything nice and air tight. And you can see from here, you can see down into the kitchen space.
This area here will be taken out, so you can probably see back there so that’s going to create a lovely double height void. And then underneath, down the ladder, you can begin to see the undercroft. Great space for all sorts of paraphernalia/things of life that we don’t use all the time. So it’s actually got two bits. That’s pretty cool. And you’ve got some drainage coming through if you want to run a drain. Some drainage points there for your kitchen, so you can just imagine having a kitchen here and then when this bit of ceiling up there is gone you can have your table under here and then all the way up.
So up we go to the ground floor. Here are the stairs, which you can overclad with all sorts of nice things, nice wood.
Here is your study area, now if you remember, you’ll probably want to cut off that bit there so you’ll be able to lean over this bit here, right here, to look down into the kitchen. Or have a desk here at the window.
So then from here, the study area which could be a bedroom if you want, you come into either one or potentially two bedrooms if you want. A little bathroom in the corner with a tiny little window, and a nice big window at the front, and a very nice window at the back.
So we come up again, this is our landing. And you can see some interesting purple painting going on this is part of the air-proof membrane. And you come out onto the roof terrace, plenty big enough to put a nice table, two three four chairs here, and hang out here.
And then finally, come up probably to the master bedroom, that’s what I’d do here. If you want to make that into one large space you’ve got a window going that way and a window going that way.

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