Blenheim Grove video 8 – Roof level

Our custom build shell homes at Blenheim Grove have progressed hugely since the last video, as three of the houses have gotten up to roof level, and we can actually get a sense of the rooms and walk around the scaffolding and see through some of the windows and doors.

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

We’re back here at Blenheim Grove, there’s an exciting moment. We have actually started to come out of the ground and started building. And the first three houses are up to roof level.
You can see that’s the top floor with the staircase going down to the first, the study, and the kitchen area behind the hoarding. And the same thing over here.
This is a magical moment when we can stand here on the scaffolding and we can walk around the scaffolding and you can see behind me the beginnings of the shell. Not quite watertight but still you can get a sense of the space.
So it’s always a big moment when it comes from lines on a piece of paper and then suddenly you can reach out and actually touch something. Yup.
Down there is houses 64 and 62, and up here, all the way going up there, this is no. 60. So you’ve got the roof terrace going to the front, let’s see if we can go around the front, here’s the vapor proof membrane that covers everything. The steel, making sure that everything’s supported.
If I perch down there you can begin to see some of the rooms. If I come from this angle, you can see the split level there.
This is going to be the access to the roof terrace, and the stair pod to be able to go into the top room. And the landing for the room downstairs.
So this is the top room of no. 56, I’m not allowed to go inside but I can reach in through the very nice size window here, try not to fall in the gap. And there you can see the pod going down to the roof terrace.
And if I come in from this angle you can see the next room down, that mid level gets replaced with a stair.
And bending down to, this is the living area, coming in around there, and then dropping down you can see into the kitchen.
Study area, going down, so that bit there will be removed so you’ve got a big open space. As will that bit up there.

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