Blenheim Grove video 13 – Courtyards

The courtyard is starting to take shape at our custom build homes on Blenheim Grove, where you’ve got your bin store, stairs to the lower courtyard, and bike store as well! You can also get your first glimpse at the double height void created by the split level design in these houses.

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

We’re back at Blenheim Grove for the next installment of Blenheim Grove the progress video. You can see a little bit of progress over the top there, last time we were here the silk foil was up which is a part of the insulation. Now they’re boarding all that out and that is getting ready to take the bricks.
The coping is coming, the terrace railings are under construction, so we’re really in the final stages. I think let’s go a bit closer, and you can see some of the stuff that’s happening on the other side.
So we’re now in the lower courtyard of number 56 which is the smallest house on the terrace. You can see here the stairs beginning to form, so you’ll come into that bit there. That will be where your bin store is. You’re coming out of here and then you can enter into your room there. Or you can put your bikes in there, if you like.
And what you’re seeing is beginning to get the sense of how this is all coming together. And the other thing I wanted to show you is this is the first house where we’ve actually cut away the void, which is extremely exciting. Because this is where if you like the double height, this sort of… this amazing feeling of space comes up and down.
Now you probably can’t quite feel the amazing feeling of space a) where you’re sitting and b) because there’s a lot of * beep * in this place that needs to be cleared out. But I can feel it because I know what’s coming, and I live in a space which has these amazing views of different places. You could sit back here and you’ll be able to see all the way along. Or you could sit over there and you could see all the way up there. And with the right treatment it’s going to look amazing.

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