Blenheim Grove video 12 – Windows

Our custom build houses at Blenheim Grove are by the railway… so it’s really important to us that we have triple-glazed windows in our houses so that not only are the houses as insulated as possible, but as much noise as possible is blocked out as well! In this update the windows have gone in and they’re looking great, and the front scaffolding has come down as well, so we can see for the first time how the houses will look as they’re being finished.

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

I’m back here at Blenheim Grove, we’re standing at the front, and the big exciting news today is that the scaffold is down, and the windows are in, and it’s really beginning to take shape.
You can see that silver space technology stuff going on, that’s actually all the insulation. That’s all gonna get clad, you’ll be glad to know. And then there’s that sort of triangle bit which is the stair core and that gets clad in a nice sort of concrete to give it a bit of solidity. And that will be a sort of dark concrete, kind of a light to dark concrete.
We’re really trying to make the structure of these houses sort of robust, and the inside interesting. And it’s getting very exciting because we’re getting close to the day when people can come and look around for themselves.
And then of course the balustrading will go along, we’re not going to rely on a thin piece of wood to stop you falling over. And they’re just beginning to start building some of the garden walls, instead of this hoarding. Which has been a blank canvas for the local graffiti artists, which kind of mirrors the blank canvas that is Blenheim Grove.
OK, so we’re up at the high level of no. 62, This could be a bedroom, or a living room, or a gym if that’s what you feel like. But the most exciting thing at the moment is the windows are finally coming in. And you can see here, it’s on this kind of restrictor thing, if you come and have a look at this.
There’s this interesting restrictor thing which stops you sort of falling out, and what you have to do, I haven’t quite got the knack, but you kind of… You pull it forward, so you sort of have to double lock it and get it around there, without being able to see it, so that’s with your hands. Ideally trying not to chop them off at the same time. So you can do that or then you can close it like that, there’s a bit of space, bit of gap there, bit of ventilation. Or, as it says there, lock. And then when you close it, it re-engages. So when I open it again, it’s back on. So that’s quite clever.
And then I thought this is worth checking out, come and look at the… look at this cool terrace. This is kind of new to me because this has been loads of scaffolding in the past. Great view. Shard, and the Walkie Talkie, and the Lloyds Building. And look at all this sort of skyline over here. So a very nice way to have a glass of wine of an evening. Cheers.

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