Blenheim Grove video 5 – Walls

It’s a big day on a building site when after the piling and the foundations we actually start to see the building come out of the ground. The engineering bricks are being put in one site, and we can actually see the shapes of the house plots form!

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

We’re now on site, have a quick look around. You can see the retaining wall’s up, you can see some block work there. Behind me some more retaining walls. And that’s the internal partition.
That is the first partition wall between house 56 on the far bit and house 58. You see block work coming up. Some concrete retaining wall. And some more digging out down there for number 64.
Bit by bit little bits of wall coming up. Now actually as we stand here we’re in the undercroft, and the undercroft is where it’s the kind of crawlspace. It’s where you’re going to be able to put all those things that you buy and then you don’t really know what to do with, or you use once a year if you’re lucky or maybe once every 3 years.
Your skiing kit, your skateboard that you thought one day you’ll take it up. So that all goes in this bit here.
And then as we cross over here this would be the kind of kitchen and the utility room back here. We’re crossing over from number 58 to number 60 and having a look down here.
This all is the slab gone in, that’s the reinforcing work, ready for the retaining wall at the front.
Now here will be the outside area, lower ground outside area. So we’re just discussing whether or not we can leave that as exposed concrete, which I rather like but everyone else wants to cover it up with bricks.
That’s where you’ll go into your kitchen area there, and up here, is where you come in to the front door and you have a little bit of a… a nice tree.

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