Land for sale Nottingham

Land for sale in Nottingham

What’s the opportunity: Land available for a development of multiple houses

How much does it cost: £4.5m for the land and £70,000 direct to vendor deal fee plus £10,000 finder’s fee


Next steps: If you’re interested in this opportunity then let us know, register your interest below and we will make the introduction.

Terms & conditions:
We are introducing you to the opportunity with the following agreement.
Our company is not retained by the vendor so if you request further details you agree to the following conditions: First, you will treat this opportunity as confidential. Second, if you do share this opportunity, anyone you share the opportunity with will also be bound by these conditions.
Third, in return for being introduced to the opportunity, you will pay a finder’s fee as set out below.
Should you, your company or any associated company or person exchange an option or contract to purchase the property, site or project, assign or trade any option or contract on the land or property or enter into any joint venture with the vendor then you agree to pay a fee to us of a £70,000 direct to vendor deal fee plus £10,000 for the introduction to the opportunity and the land-owner(s).
Any negotiations need to be conducted through Zog Enterprises unless otherwise agreed in writing. This introduction will continue to run indefinitely for this opportunity once we have introduced you to it.

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