Group custom build plot Waldo Road NW10

Group custom build project Waldo Road NW10

Waldo Road Exterior

What’s the benefit of group custom build?

If you would love to do your own self-build but have been struggling to find a plot that works within your budget and you’re feeling daunted by the task of doing it all from scratch – then group custom build is potentially the answer.


One of our ambitions is to help people come together and form a group to build their own homes. We act as site finder and development manager to help deliver the project within the group’s budget.


What’s the opportunity?


We have found a really interesting old warehouse building in NW10 in Waldo Road.  you can see a video  of the building here…



The warehouse has planning permission for 3 flats – but we want to change the permission and get 3 duplexes of 1,000 sqft each.


Architect Roz Barr has drawn up an initial scheme for 3 duplexes, the model of which is below. To download full details on the scheme, please click here.

How much will it cost?

It depends on what you want.


The current design will create a finished flat with a basic finish for a budget of about £800,000.


If you would like more space or higher quality finishes, then that will push up the budget.


Next Steps 

We have one family committed but in order to move this forward, we need two more families to commit.


What would commitment entail?

At this stage, a verbal and written commitment would be fine.


We would want you to view the building and see if you like the area and the building before making a decision.


If you want to find out more, please email us and we’ll arrange a viewing.