Group custom build CR2

Group custom build opportunity in CR2

The reason this caught my eye: A large plot without planning permission means there is more flexibility and in theory cheaper to buy.

What’s the opportunity: A large parcel of land, some 1257 sqm, that benefits from front access.  An initial scheme suggests that you could get 7 houses on the site.

How much does it cost: £1,650,000

What would I need to budget: Each house is drawn at about 1,000 sqft for a 3 bed. That means you should budget about £600,000 for a house

What are the things to watch out for: No planning and the site seems a little expensive for what you are getting.

Next steps: If you’re interested in this opportunity then let us know. If we get enough interest, we will set up a Google Meet and discuss how we might be able to move this forward and how it might work in more detail.


If your requirements have changed, please update your information via the Custom build register form.