Blenheim Grove Nov 2019

Take virtual tour around Blenheim Grove

Our Blenheim Grove custom build homes are on their way to being finished, and we’ll be having an open day run by our estate agency Rare Space, so sign up here with them if you’re interested!

Before that day comes though, you can take a virtual walk around our shell homes thanks to the folks at Oculo, who took a tour around our site (under heavy construction!) in December of last year. The rooms look quite a bit smaller seen through the 360 lens, but you’ll be able to get a sense of how the split level works and how the rooms lead into one another.

Blenheim Grove is our custom build development of five terrace houses in Peckham, featuring a split level design which gives you double height ceilings as well as maximises the use of space. Click below to see this design in action in each house!

House 56
House 58
House 60
House 62
House 64

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