How to build your own London home


Finding Land doesn’t need to be difficult

Finding land for sale for your self-build home in London can be difficult. It doesn’t need to be!


Are you interested in an intelligently designed home that gives you the maximum amount of usable space? A home that’s filled with light? A home that suits you and your particular needs? A home that’s finished according to your tastes with materials you love? A home that doesn’t break the bank?


Of course you are, we all are, every one of us wants our dream home!


But often we get caught up in the excitement of choosing cool fixtures and furniture, vintage lighting, free standing bath tubs (maybe that’s just me) and all the other stuff that goes on the inside of our homes.


And we forget the most important factor of all… the land!


If you live in a city like London you’ll know that finding a good site can be challenging at the best of times. Even if you’re lucky enough to find a piece of land, chances are that it will be extremely expensive.



Do something about it

But here’s your chance to do something about it and in turn potentially get a piece of land for a bargain!


Councils are legally required to collect information about the demand for custom build and self-build in their areas.


To that end, every council is legally required to have a custom and self-build register where people can register and express their interest in a custom or self-build home.


If enough people sign up to these registers, councils will be required to release land for custom and self-builders like you.


So if you haven’t already, register your interest with your local council.

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