Blenheim Grove video – Building dreams

Our purchaser at House 56 talks about why custom build is such an attractive option, and why he is excited to be getting started with us at Blenheim Grove. Interested to start your own custom build? Read more about Blenheim Grove by clicking below.

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

Hi, my name’s Luke Flanagan and we’re currently standing on what will be the house I’m living in, number 56, Blenheim Grove.
What we’re seeing here is probably a living room, and then underneath me I think will be a kitchen. And if I’m right, we’ll be eating our dinner here, somewhere around here. I might be doing the food here and eating dinner here.
I think the self build story is one I’m very taken with, and I buy into the idea of not having to live in a way that someone else has prescribed but for me to design that myself.
Moving into what is a shell isn’t too dissimilar to, if I had gone for a period property I think, depending on what state it was in, from myself and the people I know we would always go in probably with the intention of stripping it out and kind of starting again to stamp our own signature on that.
And so really the shell is the same kind of story minus the strip out. And we get to think about every single design detail, from the countertops, to the balustrade, to whether there’s a wooden floor, whether there’s carpet, whether there’s a certain kind of sink in the bathroom, how big the bathrooms are.
And making all those decisions, it kind of feels like you’re building your own home, without having to worry about the sort of, you know the four walls and the stairs which are the hard part.
So I’m very excited about the future at Blenheim Grove.
And I can’t wait to get started.

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