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Blenheim Grove video series part 16
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The houses are starting to get cleared out, so Gus takes us on a tour around House 56, which has been sold, and we get a really good look at the double height void that has been cut out, giving an amazing sense of space. The cladding is also going on on the stair core, which is really quite a process!

Check back often as we will be posting videos of our progress throughout the build.

Video transcript:

Well, hello again. I’m back here at Blenheim Grove. It’s been a while, the roads are quieter, we’re still in lock down but I thought it was important for me to come to site so I’ve taken care to cycle down here. It’s been a few weeks, there has been some progress on site, so excited to show you guys around.

The first thing is, you can see, well they’re all still standing which is always a good start. And the brick work is all but complete, some tiny little bits here and there, but basically that’s all done. The railings are in if you can see those. And just there you can see the cladding is going on the stair core so that’s what it looked like before the cladding goes on and now you can see those are the concrete planks going on. So it’s all very exciting. The gates are being manufactured as we peak. 

Here we are at No. 56, not much progress on the floor but the bin store has been done. Let’s go down here, the stairs are done ready for cladding with some very nice tiles, which are all stacked up. We’ve got the services coming in, that’s going to be the service cupboard, and this is going to be a railing here. This is all going to be built up with a nice limestone flooring, you can either access through there, or we go through the front door. Let’s have a look now, they’ve cleared it all out so you can see what’s going on. 

OK, so, beautiful day today. This is going to be potentially a kitchen dining room. Connected to the living room. I think if it was me I’d probably put my living room up here, and I’d put my kitchen down there. And now here, if I make sure I don’t fall off the edge, here’s the void. This is looking fab because they’ve cleared it all out and you can really start to see the feeling of space you get in this house is really great. 

So you’ve got the half level down and probably one of the last times I was here over winter this was a pool of water so it’s nice to see that’s all dried out. In there, not sure if you’ll be able to see much but that’s the undercroft. The advantage of this split level section is you get this incredible storage space. Forget about the cupboard in the hall, that is what I call proper storage. 

So here’s the double height void, do all sorts of interesting things there, maybe pull down an amazing chandelier, or suspend a small bed in there or something, I don’t know do something crazy and creative. 

So we come up to the next level. These planks here are the cladding which is going up, so you can imagine potentially sitting here in your home office, enjoying the fact that you don’t have to commute. Having a nice view out onto the street. This is the terrace it’s pretty much done. 

Now you can begin to see this cladding here. It’d been cut, little thing like that, to make sure that it covers it absolutely precisely. So that’s going to look absolutely fantastic when that’s done. Really looking forward to seeing it on that side. At the moment what we’ve done is we took the frame and then we covered it with this thing called Tyvek which is a sort of waterproof membrane, and then we added some timber, and then we put some more Tyvek on it, and then we put these things on, and then these tiles what happens is you have to effectively sand this stuff down, you then put the glue onto some tape at the back, you then stick the tape down with the glue, you have to hold it basically in position. That bit of work there, just that single side took about 2.5 days for 2 people, if you can believe. I think they’re getting a bit faster, but you can see the level of skill required. 

So the railings are in , which are great, brick work’s all in, the coping is there. The scaffolding is here but that should be coming down in the next few days. And this is where you reach the top level. Eventually once that scaffolding goes, just about see the Shard in the background. Can you see that through the netting? Hm, not sure. There, there you go, right there poking out behind that tree. That is, very exciting.

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