Blenheim Grove video series

Blenheim Grove video series

We started on site at our inaugural custom build development, Blenheim Grove, in March of 2018. Our MD Gus has made little video diaries throughout the process, and we’re continually updating as the build moves along (at an increasingly rapid pace!)

Check out the videos below, and come back each month as we update with new videos!

Take a tour around House 56, and see how the cladding is being put onto the stair core

The roof terraces are being finished off – see how brick slips work and check out the new railings.

Gus takes us around the apartments, and shows you how he would lay it out!

The entrance and courtyard are being built out, and we’re in the final stages!

This is the first time we’ve seen the scaffolding finally down, and the windows are in!

Some bricks walls are complete, and we have sloping roofs and felt on some of the houses!

The bricks that we spent hours agonising over are finally going up on the outside of the house!

This is the first time that we’ve actually been able to walk into the house itself and take a look around.

The houses have actually gone up to roof level, we have windows, and some rooms are beginning to take shape!

The timber frames have gone in and the houses are taking shape.

The houses are actually starting to come out of the ground and take shape!

We’re starting to see some walls taking shape on site.

The builders have done a lot since our last video – check out all the exciting developments!

Meet Luke, who has purchased House 56 at Blenheim Grove, and hear his thoughts about why self build and custom build are so attractive.

This video is our first one on site, and you’ll get a first glimpse of the plot and see the first steps towards building the foundation: the piling!

We are starting on site at Blenheim Grove and are producing a series of videos, taking us all the way from the beginning to the end of our custom build journey. This video is part 1 – how we got to this point and what’s coming next!

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